Rudraksha Agro Eco Tourism


Rudraksha Agro Eco Tourism

Rudraksha Agro-Eco Tourism Center is an MTDC Recognized tourist center in Onde village near Vikramgad in Palghar district.(Reg. no. 563) .This is must Visit Remote place away from crowded, noisy and polluted day to day life where you can relax & refresh yourself and along with your family .The silence here that refreshes the mind, Drizzle and Screaming Riverside . The mind is full of nerves with the wind , Bhardwaj (Greater Coucal or Crow Pheasant), Khandya (White Breasted Kingfisher), Kotwal (Black Drongo), Sutar (woodpecker), Kakanghar, Salunkhe (common myna) etc. Birds and birds humming, Moonlight spread over the clear sky at night, colorful butterflies take you to a different world.

Rudraksha Agro-Eco Tourism Centre has a special package for tourists.  They include lively meals on the stove, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals on demand, AC / non-AC rooms for relaxation, swimming tanks and boating in the spacious pond. As you are reach here the mind is happy due to clear, vibrant  well ventilated, Attractive atmosphere.  Separate dining hall and The joy of the campfire because of this you want to come here again and again .

Rice farming, flowers farming, poultry farming, fish culture, papaya and shevga (Drumstick) Cultivation Must visit to experience that things. Compost manure, dense manure, will be demonstrated here.School Camps, NCC Camps, Training Camps, Monkey Jumps, Commando Pools, River Crossings, Gun Shooting, Archery, etc. The only place near Mumbai city where all the facilities are available is Rudraksha Agro-Eco Tourism Center, Aunde.

Other nearby tourist Hotspots include : Jawhar Fort, Kelwa beach, Mahalaxmi Temple, Hot water springs and Surya Dam, Bhilha mountan, Palu –Waterfall, Kohoz Fort ,bhupatgarth ,khand and Sajan Dam etc. At Rudraksha Agro-Eco Tourism Center Seasonally organic fruits like Mango, Cashew, (Jackfruit) fanas, (sapodilla) chikoo, Jambul (java plum), Karawand(Carissa spinarum) etc. fruits are available to taste. We also have different Spice’s trees Nursery, Ayurvedic herb Nursery , The Zodiac Garden can be experienced all in one place, just like your horoscope for peace of mind .It is place where you get that much deserved break from the chaotic urban life and revive your senses amidst the Nature’s care Along with being a mind refreshing holiday getaway, Rudraksha Agro-Eco Tourism Center has a lot more to offer to its visitor .